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ISPyB is a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) combining sample tracking and experiment reporting at synchrotron beamlines. It has been in production for many years, and is structured so as to make development and maintenance easy for software teams.

It was initially developed through a joint ESRF/e-HTPX initiative in 2003.

In 2017, a collaboration agreement has been signed for the development of ISPyB between the major synchrotron facilities in Europe.

Today ISPyB is actively supported by the following partners: ESRF, Soleil, DLS, MAX IV, HZB, EMBL, Global Phasing Ltd, ALBA.

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Meetings minutes

F2F Meetings

ALBA June 2020

Overview presentations


EMBL Hamburg February 2020

Extra-ordinary ISPyB strategy meeting @ EMBL-HH (Hamburg, Germany), 12 February 2020

Overview presentations

Technical presentations


HZB Berlin October 2019

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Joint MXCuBE-ISPyB Meeting @ HZB (Berlin, Germany), 29.10. - 02.11.2019

Status reports

Other presentations

Minutes and reports

Lund March 2019

Only minimal information is available from the meeting.

Presentations and notes:

ELETTRA September 2018

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Agenda to be added soon

Status reports

Others presentations

Minutes and reports

GPhL/DLS January 2018

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The meeting was held together with MXCuBE, with the following, joint Agenda. This time the meeting was organised on different lines to previous years, to put more emphasis on the scientific goals of the project and on how to make them feed through into the development priorities and the coordination of activities.

Full list of presentations

Status reports

CryoEM in ISPyB

ISpyB development highlights

Evolving scientific capabilities, logistical requirements and usere expectations

The ISpyB collaboration in action

Minutes and reports

SOLEIL June 2017

Presentations to be added soon

ESRF January 17/18 2017

1st ISPyB collaborative meeting.

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